Documented the charts API. You can embed them on other pages (they're rendered as PNG or SVG), like here.

some changes:

  • re-enabled the e-mail monitoring alerts but it's now opt-in (in manage). I've manually enabled some instances who had implicitly opted in already but I may have missed some
  • stats: total/down now only counts instances which has been at least up once in the last month
  • newest instances are counted over the last 7 days

  • Instance page:

    • now displays server features (if known in nodeinfo)
    • now displays server protocols (hardcoded in fediverse.network or from nodeinfo)
    • Displays federation restrictions: automatically from Pleroma MRFs or an URL defined in manage
    • Graphs with hourly resolution for every instance (default crawl delay is 30 minutes now)
  • Now with pleroma inside:

    • Fediverse bots are back: @watch@fediverse.network, @monitoring@fediverse.network
    • Instances can get an optional dedicated fedibot at @instancedomain@fediverse.network (opt-in in manage)
    • The pleroma UI doesn't work and that's on purpose
  • Whitelisted all the new servers (I'll probably switch from a whitelist to just let it be)

  • dead (more than 30 days without any up check) are now only checked once per day (~)

  • now that it's running on a non-faulty server, it's been easier to fix falses positives, but some remain (connect timeouts mostly), still investigating… (update 26/11/2018: should be fixed)

  • tld/domain pages fixed

  • various fixes and probably some new bugs!